A month with the Moto E 2nd gen

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I work in the mobile industry 9-5. Well, 8-4 most days, but we’re not here to debate minutiae. I work on a cell phone service brand and fixed fiber ISP called Ting. It’s made some headlines here in Canada in part because we’re a company built in Canada, traded on the TSX (as well as the NASDAQ States-side) but we can’t do business here in Canada.

That’s a separate discussion. I bring this up because in my work, I get access to many smartphones to try out.

We started a project we called “my month with…” The idea is to try a Ting-compatible phone out for a month and report back with some thoughts. I’ve been reviewing cell phones since, well, let’s just say I remember the introduction of the cell phone camera and somewhere in my magazine archives, I have a round-up review I did of six or eight cell phones with a focus on the camera (many were VGA, 640x480px resolution, 0.3 MP) and resulting picture quality.

I really enjoyed using the Moto E 2nd gen. I found it struck a great balance of price and performance. At $150 for an LTE-capable phone with great build quality, it punches above its weight price. I’d recommend it unreservedly after a month of use. Read the full review over on the Ting blog.

Our Rating

  • Value
  • Performance


Excellent price to performance
Best build quality in a budget phone
Gorilla Glass screen


Paltry storage
Lackluster camera
Small screen

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