About that Public Mobile $40 plan…

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UPDATE: The plan to which this post refers has expired. The post will remain for posterity. Check the homepage to see what’s new

You’re here because you’ve heard about Public Mobile’s $40 plan and you want to know if it’s any good.

It’s good. A bit weird (who among us isn’t) but definitely a net-positive for a Canadian cell phone landscape where innovation and competition are so sorely lacking.

What’s the Public Mobile $40/mo. plan?

Well, it’s a bit of a misnomer. It’s the Public Mobile $120/3mo. plan. As in, you pre-purchase the 90 day plan and use it throughout that time, at which point you need to buy another 90-days worth.

What you get in the Public Mobile $40 plan

  • 4 GB of data (12 GB / 90 days = 4 GB per month)
  • Unlimited province-wide talk
  • Unlimited global texting
  • Voicemail*, call display, etc.

*doesn’t work with Visual Voice Mail

The good:

12 GB, talk and text for $40/mo.

The promo plan offers 12 GB of data, unlimited texts and unlimited province-wide calling all for $120 pre-paid, for use over the course of 90 days.

Operates on the Telus network

Wind Mobile prices (well, close enough) but with nationwide coverage.

LTE data

Super fast data that might even be worth switching for.


You’re basically buying 12 GB up front for use over a 90-day period. That offers some flexibility for heavy and light data months.

The bad:

What happens after the first 90 days?

This is a promotion, not a new plan. Public Mobile’s site says “This 90-day plan is available only until November 20, 2016.”

Public has stated that so long as you’re an active customer, you can retain the promo price… and we all know Canadian cell phone companies are nothing if not true to their word.

You’re on your own

Need help? Sorry! There is no call center you can access if you’re on Public’s “Pick & Pay plan.” The only option for fixing any problems that may arise is online help forums patrolled by other customers and the occasional employee.

Nickle and dime

Calling outside of your home province or into the US is going to cost you. There are add-ons available for, for example, 400 min of international long distance for $15. Add-ons do roll over into your next billing cycle, though, which is a nice touch.

tl;dr – Should I go for it?

If you have an unlocked or Telus phone, yes. If only so you can see how easy it is to leave the big three behind.

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