Fido data only plan: 3 GB for $15

Posted by amcink December 19, 2016 0 Comment 280208 views

Fido has been doing some pretty interesting and innovative stuff recently. No, seriously.

A commenter on our post comparing Canadian data-only plans from the “big three” mentioned a new Fido data only plan: $15 for up to 3 GB per month with additional data coming in 1 GB chunks (as in, each additional 1 GB or part thereof used) for $10. This deal is for a limited time and you’ll find it at the very bottom of the Fido tablets page.

You won’t see this deal advertised on the Fido plans page. You won’t find it on the Fido data page. You won’t even find it on the Fido promotions page. As mentioned, the only reference to this 3 GB for $15 data only plan is at the very bottom of the Fido tablets page.

3 GB is a pretty easy monthly data cap to come in under. You might even call it generous. If you manage to go over every once in a while, $10 for a gig isn’t too painful or punitive.

The terms state you can buy a tablet from Fido or bring your own. Since there’s no way to lock a SIM card to only work with one particular device (let along category of device), there’s nothing really stopping you from grabbing a Fido SIM, signing up for the $15 for 3 GB tablet plan and tossing said SIM into a compatible phone instead. I mean, I haven’t read Fido’s mobile terms of service… but you can safely assume the person answering the phone on the activations desk or staffing the Fido kiosk at the mall hasn’t either.

It’s almost too bad I’m locked in with Public Mobile for at least another 70 or so days (see this post for the now expired Public Mobile offer I availed myself of). This really does sound like a great hack the plan … plan.

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