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A month with the Moto E 2nd gen

Posted by amcink November 3, 2015 0 Comment 1519 views

I work in the mobile industry 9-5. Well, 8-4 most days, but we’re not here to debate minutiae. I work on a cell phone service brand and fixed fiber ISP called Ting. It’s made some headlines here in Canada in part because we’re a company built in Canada, traded on the TSX (as well as […]

Choose a data-only cell phone plan to save big on your mobile bill

Posted by amcink October 27, 2015 0 Comment 3442 views

When it comes to cell phone plans, Canadians have precious little choice. The plans that come out of the “big three” carriers (RoBelUs, as they’re sometimes known) are all variations on a theme. There’s no real innovation happening because the carriers don’t need to innovate. Because the big three have a cozy relationship with each […]

An impartial review of Fongo phone service

Posted by amcink October 22, 2015 26 Comments 32141 views

I’ve been using Fongo exclusively as my mobile phone service for coming up on two months. For the first few weeks, I treated Fongo like an experiment. I forwarded calls from my main mobile number over to the number Fongo assigned me. I also kept an old phone on and plugged in so that it […]

Hack your cell phone plan

Posted by amcink October 7, 2015 0 Comment 592 views

Hack the Plan is a site devoted to helping people get more from their cell phone plans while paying less. We’ll talk about buying your phone outright vs. term contracts, “tabs,” or other names for what is effectively the same thing. We’ll talk about turning your cell phone service provider into a “dumb pipe” instead […]