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The hacked cell phone plan

Posted by amcink November 9, 2015 17 Comments 27704 views

How does a $22/mo. cell phone plan sound? One with unlimited talk, texting and 1 GB of mobile data? How about if this fabled plan let you bump up to up to 5 GB of data, just on those months that you really needed it, for another $20 and without penalties? It’s not impossible. In […]

An impartial review of Fongo phone service

Posted by amcink October 22, 2015 26 Comments 48671 views

I’ve been using Fongo exclusively as my mobile phone service for coming up on two months. For the first few weeks, I treated Fongo like an experiment. I forwarded calls from my main mobile number over to the number Fongo assigned me. I also kept an old phone on and plugged in so that it […]