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Fido data only plan: 3 GB for $15

Posted by amcink December 19, 2016 0 Comment 280174 views

Fido has been doing some pretty interesting and innovative stuff recently. No, seriously. A commenter on our post comparing Canadian data-only plans from the “big three” mentioned a new Fido data only plan: $15 for up to 3 GB per month with additional data coming in 1 GB chunks (as in, each additional 1 GB […]

About that Public Mobile $40 plan…

Posted by amcink November 3, 2016 0 Comment 5165 views

UPDATE: The plan to which this post refers has expired. The post will remain for posterity. Check the homepage to see what’s new You’re here because you’ve heard about Public Mobile’s $40 plan and you want to know if it’s any good. It’s good. A bit weird (who among us isn’t) but definitely a net-positive […]

Save your data: How to Take control of mobile data on Android and iPhone

Posted by amcink November 20, 2015 0 Comment 3236 views

App developers want you to have the best app experience possible. How nice! That means they typically want to run in the background and have unfettered access to your mobile data in order to ensure your newsfeed is always up to the second, that you’re the first to know when a friend has something funny […]

Restrict background data in Android or iOS to save money on your monthly mobile bill

Posted by amcink November 17, 2015 0 Comment 4231 views

Background data can be very handy. It gives your phone a sort of intelligence: It seems to know what you want before you even tap the icon to open the app. That’s the upside. There’s a downside too, and it maybe a big one, depending on your plan. The thing to bear in mind is […]